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Grandparents’ rights

Family Law Specialists at AMD Solicitors welcome recent moves to increase the rights of Grandparents Available data from the Office for National Statistics indicates that in 2007 in households with dependent children, 77% were married or cohabiting couples and 23%* were lone parents. Of the lone parents, 20% were lone mothers and the overwhelming majority... Read More

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Planning a wedding? It might not be the most romantic part of your plans but a pre-nuptial agreement could save heartache later on. As the average age for marriage increases and those entering marriage or civil partnerships are likely to have accrued considerable assets before they take the plunge so it makes sense to agree... Read More

School Days – The Best Years of your Life

As a new school year starts solicitor Alison Dukes considers the position of children who have special educational needs. Recent surveys show that an increasing number of children are identified as having special educational needs and that, far from regarding school as a happy experience, many struggle in their educational setting. It is estimated that two to... Read More

Have You Got The Power?

AMD Solicitors advises on why you should consider Lasting Powers of Attorney No one likes having decisions made for them. It takes away the independence that we strive for, but many people do not consider what would happen if they could not make decisions about their affairs for themselves. Prior to October 2007 legal effect... Read More

Recovering Commercial Debts in the Recession

Grant McCall explains the issues involved with debt recovery during a recession. It is always a strain on business relations when a customer or client fails to pay their invoice within 30 days, a strain which is only exacerbated by recessionary times. Over the past 6 months I have been approached by an increasing number of... Read More

Acquiring a franchise business

Tony Moore of AMD Solicitors offers some guidance In many ways the acquisition of a franchise business is similar to the purchase of any other business. Franchising is an arrangement by which a person can run their own business whilst using a name, trademark, design or other intellectual property and the goodwill attached to it. There... Read More

Protecting Your Assets

Grant McCall, Commercial Law Solicitor with AMD Solicitors offers advice to businesses A commonly held misconception is that Intellectual Property Rights are only a concern for big business. If any business, large or small, relies on a trading name or logo as a projection of goodwill to their client base then this is an asset... Read More

Mediation – you don’t have to go to court to effectively resolve your dispute

Marian Davies, Solicitor with AMD Solicitors explains why mediation is an increasingly attractive option whatever the type of dispute. Are you already involved in court proceedings? Are you about to resort to them? If you are in either of these situations it may be worthwhile to think about turning to mediation to achieve a cheaper... Read More

Limiting Your Liability

Are you a sole trader or in a partnership? Are you concerned about your financial exposure during this economic downturn? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you should be considering converting to a private limited company or limited liability partnership (“LLP”). By Katie Hughes  Where a business of a sole... Read More

Don’t forget the Small Print!

Solicitor Grant McCall, Commercial Law Specialist with AMD Solicitors offers advice to new and existing businesses. For most new businesses it is essential to commence trading at the earliest opportunity. However in the euphoria generated, by seeing a business idea turn itself into a stream of customers, it is easy to lose sight of the... Read More
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