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A commonly held misconception is that Intellectual Property Rights are only a concern for big business. If any business, large or small, relies on a trading name or logo as a projection of goodwill to their client base then this is an asset which should be protected by formal registration at the UK Intellectual Property Office. Without a registered trademark, the owner of a business faced with a competitor using their logo or a similar version is forced to fall back on the Tort of Passing Off. This will entail convincing a Court that there is valuable goodwill in their logo, that there has been a misrepresentation and that the business and/or its reputation has sustained damage.

With a registered trademark, the first party to register has the benefit of the trademark and a competitor trying to use a similar logo or trading name will face infringement proceedings.

The benefit of an early trademark application for a business logo is that once registered the trademark subsists indefinitely (subject to renewal every 10 years). The longevity of a trademark protects the trademark holder and enhances the value of their business in the event of a buyout by a competitor. In the event that a business should decide to exploit their business through a franchise then licences can be granted to franchisees to promote the business presence. Last, and by no means least, the trademark symbol ™ can be represented graphically alongside a logo which assures the end user of the origin of the goods or services. The Trademark Registry offers a search facility for all registered trademarks in the UK.

In conclusion, formal trademark registration is the safest form of protection and should be considered as an investment in your business..

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