Why It Pays to Get an Expert to Draft Your Commercial Lease

Whenever the owner of a commercial property chooses to rent that property out, it is vital that they get their tenant to sign a lease agreement. This lays out the obvious things, like the length of the tenancy and the amount of rent to be paid, but also all the conditions of occupation and any responsibilities held by both the landlord and tenant. This is a really important document for both landlords and tenants and it is highly recommended to get a legal expert to write this for you, as Tony Moore from AMD Solicitors explains.

Why you need a lease

A commercial lease is a contract which formalises and regulates the relationship between the landlord and tenant in a commercial property. As such, it is a vital tool for landlords to help establish and maintain a successful and harmonious relationship with tenants. In an ideal world, a lease agreement is designed to foresee any and all possible problems and specify how these should be dealt with. That way, when issues do arise, there should be no confusion or dispute over either the landlord or tenants responsibilities, making is easier and quicker to resolve things. An expert commercial lawyer will have the necessary legal knowledge, as well as experience of dealing with numerous other leases, to take account of as many potential problems as possible.

What happens if things go wrong

Unfortunately, however good a landlord you are, your tenants may not always hold up their end of the deal. When that happens, your lease should form the basis of the action you take next. Unfortunately, even if your lease specifies action to be taken in the event of, for example non-payment of rent, you might find the lease is unenforceable if the action specified is not in line with relevant government legislation. A commercial solicitor will be up-to-date on all the latest legislation and should notify you of any changes that come into force and affect your existing leases. That way you can have the confidence that you have a legally correct, enforceable lease, allowing you to deal with any issues with your tenants safe in the knowledge that you are entirely in the right.

If you need help drafting a commercial lease or enforcing the terms of an existing lease, AMD Solicitors can help. Our team of expert commercial property solicitors in Bristol have decades of experience between them, so get in touch today to discuss your needs by calling us on 0117 962 1205 and asking to speak to a member of our commercial law team. Or, if you prefer, you can email Tony Moore or Janine Harris to set up a meeting.

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