Child Arrangement orders

Senior litigation solicitor John Todd was recently pleased to help his client enforce the terms of a Child Arrangements Order, the terms of which his client had had been previously denied the benefit of.

The client instructed me two / three years ago because his ex-partner was refusing him contact to his son.

Originally, after mother continued to be obstructive, a defined Contact Order (Child Arrangements Order – CAO) was made.  Notwithstanding the Court’s Order, mother still refused to allow contact as ordered, limiting it to contact at a contact centre.

Accordingly the client was advised to pursue an enforcement action against mother, who still continued to be obstructive with the Court process. 

Ultimately, mother did attend before the Court and after assurances from the father and a firm indication given to the mother by the Court, revised terms of contact were ordered and on this occasion, complied with.

As a result of the client’s tenacity and our firm control of the proceedings, the father is now seeing his son regularly.  My client has written in to say “I can’t thank you enough.  If I had the money I would pay you double.  Thank you so very much on behalf of my son and myself.”

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