No matter how hard we try, sometimes disagreements are inevitable. Whether this happens between family, people who work together or those with any other kind of professional or personal relationship, finding the right way to resolve a dispute is essential. Not only can successfully resolving your issues give you peace of mind, but it may also allow you to repair a damaged relationship, letting you move forward in a positive way.



At AMD Solicitors, we believe it’s always best to settle your disagreements in a non-confrontational way wherever possible. That’s why we have trained specialists in family mediation, civil mediation and collaborative law on our team who can help you deal with your issues in a productive, more harmonious way. These options are particularly suitable for anyone in a dispute where it is important to maintain an on-going relationship afterwards, such as people going through a divorce or where there are issues between a business and one of their customers or suppliers. Going down one of these routes can also be faster and more cost effective than the alternatives.



Unfortunately, it is not always possible or desirable to deal with your issues through non-confrontational methods and going to court may be the best or only option. In these situations, we can help guide you through all of the processes involved in taking or defending a court action, whether in a family or civil matter. Based on our many decades of experience, we can offer you a realistic idea of how much such action will cost and how long reaching a resolution is likely to take.


  • Family members
  • Business partners
  • Employers/employees
  • Customers/suppliers
  • Landlords/tenants
  • People with any other professional or personal relationship


Our team of Bristol-based solicitors have offices in Henleaze, Clifton and Shirehampton. To find out more, or to book an appointment, call 0117 962 1205 and ask to speak to one of our experts in dispute resolution. Alternatively, you can email Alison Dukes with your query.

What our Clients say

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Honestly couldn’t have picked a better solicitor. My partner and I were purchasing our first house and AMD Solicitors made the entire process simple and straightforward. We were given clear advice and were kept up to day all the way through from initial meeting to signing the final document.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a solicitor to make your life easier, choose AMD. Thanks again guys!

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AMD helped me recently with the writing my will. They were VERY patient, sympathetic and nothing was too much trouble. I recommend without hesitation.

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Going into divorce proceedings is a daunting process, especially for someone who has very minimal knowledge of the workings and processes it entails. If you are in this position, I can’t recommend the services of AMD Henleaze and particularly Jo Morris enough. For me, Jo has provided experience, clarity and has been very approachable. After my very first meeting with Jo I thanked her for being “comforting” at the start of an intimidating journey and I feel that sentiment still applies now an outcome has been reached.


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