Even the best run businesses will sometimes find themselves in a business dispute with other companies or individuals. When this happens, we understand that finding solutions which best serve your overall commercial objectives is key. Our team are highly experienced at working with local businesses to help them resolve their legal issues and move forward in ways that match their commercial interests. If you have found yourself in dispute over a business-related matter, there are a number of different routes you can take.



In many instances all it takes to resolve a dispute is to lay out the legal grounds for your position, clearly explaining why you feel you have the law on your side. We can work with you to examine your case and help you make the strongest possible argument, then present this to the other involved parties on your behalf.



If the parties you are in dispute with wish to take matters further, mediation can offer a fast and cost-effective means of resolving the issue. The process involves sitting down with everyone involved in the dispute and working together to find a mutually satisfactory result. This can save everyone time and money and help prevent the situation from escalating and potentially generating negative publicity.



Sometimes going to court is the best or only option to resolve a business dispute. In these instances, our team will work with you to build the strongest possible case and then present that case for you in the best possible way. We have a number of highly experienced litigation experts on our team who have been representing businesses in court for decades.



We regularly advise our clients on a whole range of business legal issues, including:

  • Enforcing covenants with franchisees
  • Safely terminating business contracts
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Competition policies
  • Intellectual property infringement and enforcement



The AMD team includes a number of solicitors who are trained specialists in dispute resolution, including experts in collaborative law for Family work. With decades of experience between us working with a wide range of businesses we have the expertise to advise you on the best options to help you reach the most favourable resolutions for your business. We’re based in Bristol however we offer Business Dispute Resolution services throughout the UK.


If you need the services of an experienced business dispute resolution expert, call AMD Solicitors today on 0117 962 1205 or email our Client Care Director and commercial mediation expert Marian Davies.

What our Clients say

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“Laura Wilkinson and Jo Mcgrath were absolutely everything you look for when choosing solicitors – reliable, thorough, trustworthy, and efficient. On top of this, Laura and Jo were just really lovely to deal with too! They both did a fantastic job at making the process as least stressful as possible, which is no mean feat. I really couldn’t recommend Laura, Jo and the AMD team more to anyone. Thank you again for your help!”

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“Have been a very happy customer of AMD for many years now. Laura Wilkinson has completed many property transactions for us in that time – both simple and some very complicated. All done with speed, precision and good humour. Someone to have on your side at any time”.

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“Nick Howell was incredibly professional and empathetic from start to finish! I would highly recommend this law firm. Excellent service and peace of mind. Explained issues in an understandable manner and always kept me updated”

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